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The aerating decanter uses the newest waterfall pouring design, which greatly increases the contact area between wine and air, it oxygenates and releases the rich aromas and flavors trapped in your wine. It breaks the shortcomings of the traditional decanter,which usually takes serveral hours to breathing,but ours just only takes half of the time. Imagine, a fun day, you want to take a sip suddenly, just take out our decanter, wait for a moment, you can taste a best mellow wine. Even if just placed there,it’s also an elegant Work of Art.

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SPECIAL POURER FILTER DESIGN : The bottle stopper use the unique waterfall pourer,which greatly increases the touch surface between wine and air. When pouring wine in, the waterfall pourer spreads the wine along the entire glass body,allowing it to breathe, increases the speed of aerator ,we can taste a better wine at a short time.

TASTE MORE ENJOYMENT: The wine breating time is a visual enjoyment,our decanter quickly increases oxygen into the wine, which releases more aromatic compounds,soften the bitter taste of the wine, and make the wine more pliable,achieving an extremely decanting effect. Just a while, use the smart design of beveled cap to pour the wine easily,it is your enjoy time.

GIFT FOR WINE ENTHUSIASTS: The right proportion of the design is not only ensures aerating efficiency, but also expresses its texture of artistic. It is a great gift idea for many events such as Thanks Giving Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary or party. Impress your guests and taste of your favorite red wine with our decanter.

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