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TV Clock Lamp



The TV clock lamp is made from materials of ABS, PC as well as silicone. It is designed in retro TV size with a handheld handle. A built-in battery with a capacity of 1800mAh is equipped with for long duration. It has large screen display. It integrates alarming clock and night lamp. It wakes one up by simulated sunrise as well as the music. There are two colors of blue, and red for choice.

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* The TV clock lamp is with a retro TV design to bring one a quite antient, antique feel by using it at home.
* The TV clock lamp is a perfect integration of sleep night light, snooze alarming clock and timing. It serves as a digital clock, daytime awakening light as well as a sleep assistant night light.
* The rotating knob switch matches the retro TV design perfectly with two operation ways of pressing and rotating.
* The brightness of the night light is adjustable by the rotating the side knob for proper brightness at different environment.
* The delay light closing automatically that is up to 60 minutes allows the TV clock lamp to serve as a sleep assistant.
* The simulated day light as well as the sweet-sounding alarming ring tone along with the gradually brightened light of the TV clock lamp wakes one up in a natural way.
* Two groups of alarming clocks can be set by the TV clock lamp for free use of noon break, working days, weekends.
* The caring snooze mode is started by pressing of any buttons on top of the TV clock lamp and the ring tone comes every 5 minutes to ensure ease snooze. The snooze mode ends by pressing the side button.
* The LED light source without stroboflash of the TV clock lamp offers stable, uniform and natural light.
* The less power mark of the TV clock lam is a humanized design to remind power status for charging.
* The large capacity built-in battery of 1800mAh allows it to be used both through external power source as well as battery only.
* The TV clock lamp is designed with a soft silicone handheld strap that offers comfortable grip feel to make it easy to carry.
* The TV clock lamp is packed by imported good quality environment-friendly paper in warm white color to enable it to serve as a gift as well.


Product Specification
Product Name: TV clock lamp
Material: ABS, PC, silicone
Lampshade Material: ABS
Base Material: PC
Color: Blue, blue grey, red
Size: 115*95*115mm
Rated Voltage: 5V, 1A
Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
Rated Power: 5W
Light Color: 2800K warm yellow
Net Weight: Around 0.287kg
Lamp Appearance: Retro TV size
Switch: Button

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