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Iron Man MK5 Helmet(Pro-order)

By: Topaholic Shop


Collectable Bluetooth speaker iron man MK5 helmet double-layer water and electricity ferry mask, with red and blue atmosphere lights in the ears, back brain connected flip design, Chinese and English voice control, touch control, remote control of wearable helmet and Bluetooth speaker.

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Iron Man MK5 Helmet

Materials: ABS, PC, Metal, Electronic components, Inner lining cotton cloth

Style: Iron Man

Color: Red&Silver

Estimated shipping time: One month

Wearable helmet with Bluetooth speaker holder

1. Mask is with double-layer water plating brushes, reappearing the metal and semi-dumb
effect of movie prototypes;
2. The chin is made by exclusive mold, with double-layer water plating brushes, which is
more three-dimensional;
3. The ears of helmet have atmosphere lights with red and blue light, lights switching is
more sci-fi, restoring the details of the movie MK5 helmet;
4. The rear brain conjoined flip design, no need to disassemble, more convenient to wear;
5. Official data model production, the overall shape line proportion is accurate;
6. Wearable;
7. Transparent and visible lens (when the eye light is off);
8. Jarvis voice system;
9. Machine sound system;
10. 4 control modes: Chinese & English voice control, touch control, 2.4G remote control;
11. Section/ lock the mask to make the mask open/ off in blocks and eye lights and ear lights
switch in different colors.
12. Open/ close the mask to make the mask open/ off as a whole and eye lights and ear
lights switch in different colors.
13. Switch to battle mode with eye lights and ear lights in red, dismiss battle mode with eye
lights in white and ear lights in blue.
14. Turn on/ turn off the lights with eye lights in white light/ red light/ light off switch.
15. Helmet: No. 5 dry battery (AA) * 4; Remote control: No. 7 dry battery (AAA) * 1

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