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Creative fashion gear wall clock

By: Forever Time' s world


This large gear clock wall is made of premium plastic (Number dials) and metal parts (Main motor), which ensures superior quality and enhanced durability; A Combination of Practical Clock and Decorative Artwork: Having been enhanced trials after trials, precise timing is assured for this gear clock wall. With gorgeous precise craftsmanship, it’s a total piece of fine art; Designed to hang on the wall, a great decor solution for living room, reading room, restaurant, office and etc. All gears are independently movable and can be shut off, fully displayed the beauty of the mechanism. Also a perfect gift-giving idea for a housewarming or another anniversary.

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Creative premium gear wall clock

Premium Material for Superb Durability: This large gear wall clock has number dials made of premium plastic and with a main motor in metal it ensures superior quality and enhanced durability. This artistic clock is a combination of practicality and with its exposed clock gears makes for a beautiful decorative art piece. With its gorgeous and precise craftsmanship it’s without a doubt a piece of art. This gear wall clock is a perfect piece of decoration for the living room, reading room, office, restaurant and more. With all the clock gears being independently movable it can easily be shut off, allowing it to be fully displayed as the beautiful artistic clock it is. The best thing about this gear wall clock is its versatility. Its sleek design makes it work with everything. Allowing it to be easily be adapted into your home style in any way you want it to look. The exposed clock gears give it a clean, cool and elegant design, fitting for any home. This makes it the perfect gift for housewarming or another anniversaries.

Artistic clock with fashionable gears

This large gear wall clock created by Times’world is the perfect statement piece to decorate any room in the house. Its exposed clock gears and sleek black color gives it a perfect balance between a classic retro piece while also being extremely modern depending on the design of the room. Making this a beautifully versatile artistic clock and an amazing gift for any housewarming. Even though time is an illusion in itself, having a clock is essential in today’s society to navigate the everyday meetings, errands and activities. That being said, one might as well invest in an artistic clock that has a truly creative expression. This delicate yet rather industrial and mathematically inspired timepiece is one of those clocks. But this clock is also extra special. It is so in the sense that it doesn’t measure time like most other clocks. It measures time with a focus on a calendar year and its months. You’re looking at a highly unique gear wall clock that is majestically crafted to fit your time tracking needs as well as your aesthetical desires. It’s premium black design fits almost any wall and any home or indoor environments. The clock is built of robust and durable material so that you can have it on your wall for many years to come. Forever Time’s World is the designer behind this time piece. They have managed to create a creative fashion wheel clock that really stands out. What makes it an especially unique clock is the clock gears. These are bound to make any observer, such as your guests or clients, to stop and wonder in awe.

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