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Brown Leather Holdall bag for Men

By: Bull-Classic


Brown leather holdall bag for men with great size for all possible different occasions. Size: Length 50 cm, width 21 cm, height 25 cm.

  • Dark brown
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Brown Leather Holdall bag with super storage – for men

A Brown leather holdall with great size for all possible different occasions.

Size: Length 50 cm, width 21 cm, height 25 cm.

This perfect
mens shoulder bags is made of crazy horse leather and therefore has a great long lasting material. The leather as different pattern on every bag making the design unique for you and elegant for the world to see. The Brown leather holdall has many great features that really add to the value of the bag and can be seen as an great investment. It is highly wear resistant and contains both computer pocket, phone pocket and zipper pockets, making it easy to organize your things. The bag has a super storage design with large capacity and can be loaded with lots of items to bring for all your occasions. This brown leather holdall is made to last and serve you many years to come. Take this amazing leather holdall to your next great adventure regardlessly if it’s to the road trip, gym, vacation or use to it style your outfit. As long as leather has been used, it has been a vehicle for transporting objects. Originally, there were just simple leather bags. Today there is an infinite number of bag types like the leather holdall, which is the most widely used and most elegant designer bag for all the men out there.

The perfect designer leather handbag

The design is multifunctional, both classy and classic at the same time, and is ready to meet a variety of different needs. The brown leather bag adapts to your outfit, with basic clothes it blends in and gives a soft and casual look while with your finest clothes it is a really nice detail that compliments your outfit perfectly making you stand out from the crowd.

This designer leather handbag has a wide variety of uses and can be used to carry basic appliances, clothing in the cabin luggage or as a weekend bag, hospital bag, school bag, sports bag or of course as a travel bag. This one is for all of you men who needs a classy and neutral bag, no matter what you will have in it. In other words, it’s the perfect bag for all your occasions.

Leather is great natural material but should be handled with care for longest possible lasting. The material is full-grain leather which is made of natural leather and may have some skin texture or small scars. Abrasion, perspiration & exposure to water may cause color fading, but Cosmopolitan has the ultimate guide on how to protect, clean and take care of your leather bag to achieve the longest possible lasting.

With that said, if you treat it nicely and take good care of it, you will have many years to spend with your new perfect designer leather holdall. This holdall will be a great investment for you and it will always be right by your side to support its owner.Brown Leather Holdall Bag Men

Classy Brown Leather Holdall Bag for men

The perfect leather shoulder bag for men:

  • Wear resistance
  • Perfect for carrying your computer or devices
    Super storage with large capacity
  • Can be loaded with many items and has a variety of uses
  • Can be used to carry basic living appliances and clothing, for example in the cabin luggage
  • Perfect as a gym and sports bag for athletes

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  1. Great quality

    Martin |

    I like the quality leather and the texture. Also lot of space in the bag, so perfect for gym and workout sessions

    • Cool

      Topaholic |


  2. Great size, great look

    Jonas |

    When I saw this one had a shoulder strap as well, I had to buy it. It’s a bit crazy how much you can fit into this bag

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